iComply MasterClass: Smart Contract Auditing Expert Panel

In this upcoming MasterClass session, iComply hosts Hosho’s CTO, Alexander Blair as they speak on the importance of smart contract auditing, especially for financial applications of smart contracts.  

This year, $23 million was lost to crypto scams every day, with 10% of all funds invested into ICOs also having been reported lost or stolen. These types of issues are leaving investors open to extreme vulnerability, eroding confidence in the entire blockchain community.  

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A single vulnerability once exploited can destroy an entire project. Code, if not audited may not function as intended but will work fine for a short period of time. Companies soft-launching on a blockchain network have a lot to lose from code vulnerabilities and it could end up being a costly decision to not have an audit prior to launch.  

Hosho, a global blockchain security leader is challenging current security standards and has found vulnerabilities in 98% of the contracts they’ve audited. 

Today, one-third of savvy investors and exchanges are now requiring audits from a reputable firm.  

Some key elements of a smart contract audit include ensuring that:

Token contracts adhere to the ERC-20

Token contracts follow best practices and use methods safe from re-entrance attacks

Token contracts are not affected by the latest vulnerabilities

As more crossover occurs between blockchain technology and different industry sectors such as healthcare, there will be an increasing number of requirements needed to be met. Security is not a “nice to have”, but a "must-have".


Alexander Blair

CTO Hosho, Alexander Blair possesses a depth of knowledge and experience in low-level system administration, high-level development in multiple languages, cybersecurity, and cryptocurrency mining. Within the healthcare and cybersecurity industries, Alexander has refined his extensive skills in software security protocols.  

His projects include the sole development of updated mining pool software for cryptocurrencies based on the Cryptonote protocol; co-running SupportXMR.com - a cryptocurrency pool that focused on providing high-quality, high-speed mining pool access worldwide; and the intensive growth of the largest Monero pool in the world to a peak position.  

Prior to serving as the Chief Technology Officer at Hosho, Alexander enhanced his knowledge of security at Yo Sub Kwon’s LaunchKey. Later acquired by Iovation, Kwon tapped Alexander to join his new venture, Hosho - a cybersecurity company focused on the specific needs of the blockchain industry.  

Alex Blair

As CTO of Hosho, the global leader in blockchain technology, Alexander leads its technology teams. Every audit bearing the Hosho name or GPG signature is viewed by him. He participates in the audit of ERC-20 contracts, intensive gambling contracts, website penetration testing, and consulting work. With each project, Alexander works to help companies achieve proper security for their funds and the blockchain ecosystem.

The Panel of Experts:

Alex Blair

Alex Blair

CTO at Hosho Group

Qayyum Rajan  

Chief Data Officer of iComply Invester Services

Matt Masiar

Matt Masiar

CTO at iComply Investor Services


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